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Medical Records Collection, Retention, and Access in Oregon

        Oregon has a variety of laws governing the collection, maintenance of and access to patient medical records.  With respect to a patient’s access to their medical records, Oregon’s policy is to provide individuals the right to access and review their own protected health information.1

        With respect to maintenance of medical records, all health care facilities must maintain a record for each patient, including admitting data, a medical history and final diagnosis; such records must be retained for ten years from the date of discharge.2  Hospitals must maintain medical records in accordance with these standards, and comply with additional requirements for surgical patients, obstetrical patients and newborns.3

        The law also delineates specific medical record maintenance and retention requirements for certain health care facilities. Birthing centers must maintain health and clinical records for 21 years from date of last discharge.4

In-home care agencies,5 renal dialysis facilities,6 community mental health and disability service providers,7 licensed direct entry midwives,8 and non-inpatient mental health service providers9 must maintain client records for seven years after the date of last service to the client.  Nursing facilities must maintain a clinical record for all residents for five years from the date of discharge.10  Adult foster homes must maintain a record for all admitted residents for three years after discharge,11 and pharmacists must retain a record sufficient to perform a drug utilization review for three years.12



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Medical Records Collection, Retention, and Access in Oregon

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