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Or. Admin. R. 411-045-0100 - Confidentiality and Reporting

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Each Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) must have written policies and procedures to assure that participants’ clinical records are kept confidential; the program staff and its agents, employees and subcontractors must protect the participant’s individually identifiable health information obtained or maintained from unauthorized use or disclosure.  Program staff and providers may release or disclose participant information without the participant’s written consent in an emergency, and for purposes connected with administration of the Medicare or Medicaid programs. The program must obtain a written release from a PACE participant or his legal guardian before releasing health service information to a care provider and before releasing a participant’s clinical record to a third party.  

The program may release the participant’s own clinical record to him upon request, and may charge the participant for reasonable duplication costs.

Employees of a PACE program must observe, detect and report to Adult Protective Services any signs or presence of abuse or neglect.

Current as of June 2015