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Or. Admin. R. 309-032-0870 - Standards for Approval of Regional Acute Care Psychiatric Service

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In order to be granted approval for operation, regional acute care psychiatric services must comply with the following requirements:

  • Maintain clinical records for all clients receiving services, and keep such records confidential and secure;  
  • Include in the clinical record information to identify the client and the services provided, as well as a discharge plan; 
  • Begin discharge planning at the time of admission with the participation of the patient and, when indicated, the family, guardian and significant others; 
  • Supply the Addictions and Mental Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority with information about persons admitted to or discharged from service via the Division’s on-line Oregon Patient/Resident Client System;
  • Designate individuals responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring a written safety management plan and program and a written infection control plan and program.  Such individuals must keep records of associated concerns and problems and the actions taken to resolve them;
  • Maintain written policies and procedures relating to patient rights, including access to records;
  • Maintain written policies and procedures relating to abuse reporting as legally required.

Current as of June 2015