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New products from the HealthInfoLaw team and the most significant developments in health information law and policy.

Health Information & the Law Under Construction!

The Health Information & the Law website is currently being revamped to improve the way our users access the site. Some content on the state and topics pages may be temporarily inaccessible or appear out of order - please bear with us as we work to bring you a new and enhanced experience! Our federal, analysis, and resource pages and content will remain unaffacted and usable during this... Read More >

New Perspectives from the Field: Kavita Patel, MD, MS, Fellow and Managing Director for Clinical Transformation and Delivery, Center for Health Policy, The Brookings Institution

Health Information & the Law interviews Dr. Kavita Patel, Fellow and Managing Director for Clinical Transformation and Delivery, Center for Health Policy, The Brookings Institution as part of our Perspectives from the Field interview series.  Dr. Patel shares her thoughts on the most promising efforts and reforms to improve health care delivery and payment systems.  Dr. Patel also... Read More >

New Products Available on Vaccine Registries

There is a growing understanding of the important role that vaccination registries – or immunization information systems (IIS) – can provid in monitoring immunization rates and ensuring that individuals have all recommended vaccinations. The United States does not have a national IIS; instead, most states in the U.S. operate their own IIS, and each state maintains its own set of laws... Read More >

New Products on HIPAA and School Immunization Records

Most states require certain childhood immunizations before the start of each school year, and state “no entry” laws enforce this mandate by preventing the child from attending school unless the school has proof that the child has been appropriately immunized. Each state has different immunization requirements as recommended by state public health officials and codified in law by state... Read More >

Three Recently Published Articles on Big Data and Healthcare Written by Health Information & the Law Team Members

"Big data" is frequently discussed in terms improving health care delivery and payment. Despite its potential, there are a number of perceived legal barriers to its application. In light of the misconceptions about the legal framework that governs big data and in the interest of its potential to transform health care, members of the Health Information & the Law Team recently published... Read More >

Why health information law?

Health information law exists at the intersection of many crucial and interrelated fields: law, health care, consumer protection, information technology, public health, insurance. Each small change can trigger a daunting set of issues and challenges. offers keys to understanding the laws that govern health information and the implications they can have across health care and beyond.

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About The Project

A project of the George Washington University’s Hirsh Health Law and Policy Program, Health Information and the Law (, developed with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation,  is designed to serve as a practical online resource to federal and state laws governing access, use, release, and publication of health information. Constantly updated, the site addresses the current legal and regulatory framework of health information law and changes in the legal and policy landscape impacting health information law and its implementation with commentary and key documents.

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