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Public Health Data Collection and Reporting in Indiana

In the State of Indiana, health care providers and facilities must report all cases of communicable diseases1 as well as all cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) to local and state officials.2   In the event an emergency work is exposed to a patient’s blood or bodily fluids, the worker may request that the patient be tested for a dangerous communicable disease.3


The law mandates that all providers and midwives file certificates of birth, using the electronic Indiana birth registration system.4 Similarly, individuals responsible for the care of stillborn children and dead bodies are required to file the appropriate certificate with a health officer as well as with the attending physician.  Health care providers and facilities may provide information on the cause of death to state officials and such information must remain confidential, except in limited circumstances.5

Indiana has created a registry system to collect specific health information within the state.  All providers and facilities are required to report of all cases of malignant disease and other tumors and precancerous diseases that are diagnosed in Indiana within six months of diagnosis.6  Similarly, an immunization data registry has been established into order to collect, store, analyze, release and report immunization data.  A provider may provide immunization data to registry, except if the patient or the patient’s parent signs and exemption form.7  All cases of chronic diseases including asthma, diabetes, congestive heart failure, must also be reported to the state registry.8  All records and information contained in the registry is confidential, however, the State may grant access to the information in limited circumstances.9



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Public Health Data Collection and Reporting in Indiana

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