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Or. Rev. Stat. § 433.323 - Newborn hearing screening test registry and tracking and recall system

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The newborn hearing screening test registry established by the Oregon Health Authority will include information on the results of all newborn hearing screening tests.  The associated tracking and recall system will notify the parent/guardian and the health care provider of a newborn child and of the local public health agency if any of the following occur:

  • The newborn has not received a hearing screening test;
  • The newborn has been referred to a diagnostic facility for an evaluation but has not yet received the evaluation; or
  • The newborn has been diagnosed with hearing loss but has not been enrolled in an educational institution providing early intervention services. 

The Oregon Health Authority will ensure the privacy of individuals about whom information is collected, and will analyze information collected to determine the efficacy of the registry in identifying hearing loss and enrolling newborns in early intervention services.  The authority will issue an annual report detailing the results of newborn hearing screening tests, diagnostic evaluations and participation in early intervention services.

Current as of June 2015