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Or. Rev. Stat. § 432.510 - Cancer and tumor registry system

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The state of Oregon has established a statewide registry system for collecting information on incidences of cancer and benign tumors.  The purpose of the registry is to develop and evaluate efforts to determine the cause of cancer and tumors and to reduce their burden.  This may be done by:

  1. Targeting populations that need cancer screening;
  2. Supporting hospital efforts in monitoring and treating cancer and tumor cases;
  3. Investigating clusters of cancer or tumor cases in workplaces or other areas;
  4. Conducting studies to determine cancer hazards and their remedies;
  5. Evaluating policy options for the treatment or prevention of cancer and tumors.

The Oregon Health Authority is authorized to conduct epidemiological surveys of the registry data to assess control, prevention and treatment of cancer and tumors.  The Health Authority should use this information to reduce the incidence of cancer and benign tumors.  The Health Authority may also collaborate with other groups in conducting studies, including NIH and CDC.

Current as of June 2015