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MN ADC 9505.2197

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Vendor’s Responsibility for Electronic Records

A vendor or provider that participates in medical assistance programs (such as Medicare or Medicaid) that uses electronic records or electronic signatures must meet the following requirements:

  1. The use of electronic records or signatures does not alter the vendor’s obligations under federal or state law;
  2. The vendor is responsible for all claims it submits to the Department of Human Services, regardless of whether the health or financial records are in a paper or electronic format. 
  3. The vendor must ensure that electronic recordkeeping allows the Department access to the records needed;
  4. If requested by the Department, the vendor must provide assistance in gaining access to electronic or encrypted data;
  5. The vendor must have a mechanism in place to:
    1.  verify that the electronic record or  signature is attributable to the vendor;
    2. ensure that the electronic records can be accurately maintained and copied;
    3. allow the Department to access the date and time the information was entered or signed in the electronic record;
    4. ensure that the data in the electronic records are secure.

Current as of June 2015