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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.5657 - Availability of form to patient, patient surrogate, or patient advocate; compliance with MCL 333.5656; placement of signed form in patient's medical record; signed form as bar to civil or administrative action

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A physician complies with their informed consent duties by providing a “standardized, written summary” regarding a patient’s decision-making capacity to their patient, the patient’s surrogate, or the patient’s advocate. A physician may request that the patient, their surrogate, or advocate sign a form indicating that the physician has provided the requisite information regarding the patient’s decision-making capacity and treatment options. Upon receiving such a form, the physician must place a copy in the patient’s medical record. Signing this form will bar patients, surrogates, or advocates from bringing a civil or administrative action against the provider on the basis that the provider failed to obtain informed consent.


Current as of June 2015