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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.26269 - Fee

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A health care provider or facility can charge a patient or his/her authorized representative a fee for a copy of his/her medical record.  The fees allowed are as follows:  an initial fee of $20.00 per request for a copy of the record; for paper copies:

(i) One dollar per page for the first 20 pages. 

(ii) Fifty cents per page for pages 21 through 50. 

(iii) Twenty cents for pages 51 and over.

The provider or facility can also charge the patient for other costs of duplication if the record is another form other than paper, and can charge for shipping.  A provider or facility may also withhold the copies of the patient’s medical record until the appropriate fees have been paid. 

A health care provider and facility cannot charge copying or other fees associated with copies of medical records to medically indigent patients.  Such a patient may be required to show proof that he or she is receiving government medical assistance.  The medically indigent patients who do receive copies free of charge are limited to one set of copies from each provider or facility. 

Current as of June 2015