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Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 333.20175a - Agreement with another health facility to protect, maintain, and provide access to records; closure of health facility; noncompliance; fine; definitions

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Maintaining record for each patient; confidentiality; wrongfully altering or destroying records; noncompliance; fine; licensing and certification records as public records; confidentiality; disclosure; report or notice of disciplinary action; information provided in report; nature and use of certain records, data, and knowledge


The hospital must require that complete and accurate medical records be kept on all patients.  The record must be kept for at 7 years from the relevant date of service.  All records must be maintained in a manner that protects their integrity and confidentiality.  A health care facility may destroy records older than 7 years if it sends both written notice to the patient and gives the patient the opportunity to request a copy of the record.  The facility must also receive written authorization from the patient to destroy the record.  If a health facility closes, it must notify the department and inform how a patient may access his or her records.  The hospital must take precautions that patient records are not wrongfully altered or destroyed.  If a hospital does not comply with this rule, it can be subject to a fine of $10,000.  Facility employees must respect the confidentiality of patient records and must refrain from disclosing their contents.  If a health facility receives a reference request when granting staff privileges, the receiving facility must disclose any disciplinary actions, if any, against the health professional.

Current as of June 2015