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Long-term care entry system - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 40-20-2

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“The directors of the department of human services, the department of elderly affairs, the department of health,” and the department of behavioral healthcare, developmental disabilities and hospitals1 must establish, in collaboration, “a standardized, community-based, comprehensive system for entry into state long-term care programs and services.” The system must provide “pre-screening long-term care assessments, and care management services;” and “make recommendations for services, including home and community-based alternatives to residential care…” The system must also include the following “essential elements:” (1) a long-term care coordinator; (2) the uniform screening and assessment of any applicant for state funded long-term care as well as those who intent to pay privately; and (3) a consumer long-term care information system.



  • 1. Previously named “the department of mental health, retardation, and hospitals.”

Current as of June 2015