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Antitrust in Florida

Hospital peer review committees1 and rural health networks2 are exempt from state and federal antitrust laws.

Health care entities may seek advice from Florida’s Attorney General to determine whether their business activities violate the state’s antitrust law.3 Information provided to the Attorney General is confidential for 1 year after the date of submission.4



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Antitrust in Florida

Subtopic Statute/Regulation Description
Antitrust Florida Statutes § 381.04065 “Rural health network cooperative agreements under the public health law” Cooperative agreements between members of rural health networks...
Florida Statutes § 395.0193 “Licensed facilities; peer review; disciplinary powers; agency or partnership with physicians under the public health law” Each hospital...
Florida Statutes § 408.18 “Health care community antitrust guidance act; antitrust no-action letter; market-information collection and education under the public health...
Florida Statutes § 408.185 “Information submitted for review of antitrust issues; confidentiality under the public health law” The following information held by the...