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MN ADC 9505.2190

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Retention of Records

A vendor or provider of Medicaid or other medical assistance programs must keep all health service and financial records for at least five years after the date of billing for the service.  The records can be transferred to an electronic system after the fourth or fifth year of billing.  Vendors must maintain and store records that allow the Department of Human Services to inspect records when needed under MN ADC 9505.2185.  If a vendor or provider withdraws from a medical assistance program, it must retain the records or make them available for the Department to view.  If a vendor entity changes ownership, the new owner must retain and preserve all health and financial records from before the transfer.  If there is a contested case, the vendor must retain the records for either the five year period or the duration of the contested case, whichever is longer. 

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Current as of June 2015