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Data Reporting Requirements for Health Care Facilities – N.M. Code R. §7.1.4

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All licensed inpatient facilities must submit the following required data to the New Mexico Health Policy Commission on a yearly basis:

  1. Admission time;
  2. Attending physician;
  3. Birth weight;
  4. Discharge hour;
  5. Provider number, including Medicare number;
  6. Patient diagnosis code;
  7. Patient admission date;
  8. Patient address;
  9. Patient discharge date;
  10. Patient race/ethnicity;
  11. Patient name;
  12. Patient Medicaid number;
  13. Patient social security number;
  14. Patient status;
  15. Payer type;
  16. Sex of patient;
  17. Source of admission;
  18. Status

All licensed inpatient facilities (non federal) must also provide to the Commission annual, audited financial statements.  All data provided to the Commission must be in electronic media.  Failure to comply with the requirements may result in injunctive relief and a civil penalty not to exceed $1,000 per violation.   


Current as of June 2015