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Alaska Stat. § 47.30.845 - Confidential records

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Records and information relating to the mental health of an individual are confidential and privileged to the patient, and may only be disclosed in accordance with the statute, except in the context of involuntary commitment proceedings, where the requirements may differ.
Disclosure With Consent:
A patient may consent to the disclosure of information relating to their mental health in writing.
Disclosure Without Consent:
Mental health information may be disclosed without a patient’s consent under the following circumstances:
·      To a provider for treatment purposes
·      For research purposes, provided that patient anonymity is guaranteed and the facility considers the project to be bona fide research
·      To law enforcement when there is “substantiated concern over imminent danger to the community by a presumed mentally ill person”
·      To the Department of Corrections with regard to a prisoner who is also a patient at the state hospital
·      To law enforcement for purposes of securing the return of a patient who is not authorized to leave the premises of a treatment facility
·      To the department for purposes of obtaining payment for delivered services.
Disclosure Pursuant to Court Order:
Confidential information may be disclosed pursuant to a court order.

Current as of June 2015