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Establishment of the exchange and the board, Idaho Code Ann. § 41-6104

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Establishment of the exchange and the board

This law established the Idaho Health Insurance Exchange.  It is not an agency of the state, but is a nonprofit, independent body that operates under the supervision of a Board.  The Board has 19 total members with 17 voting.  Members of the board must have knowledge and expertise in health care financing, benefits administration, health plan purchasing, health care delivery system administration, public health and policy.  A majority of the Board may not represent health carriers.  Board members must represent different interests and are appointed by the Governor, Speaker of the House and Senate leader.  Board members must disclose conflicts of interest.  Members are not considered public officials, but are not precluded from being compensated if they are state employees.  All Board meetings must be open to the public.  The Board must ensure that there is an annual audit of the Exchange.  Premiums charged within the Exchange must be based on rating areas.  

Current as of June 2015