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Wis. Stat. Ann. § 256.15 - Emergency medical services personnel; licensure; certification; training

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This law states the licensure and certificate requirements for emergency medical services personnel.  The law explains in detail the requirements for: ambulance staffing, licensing of ambulance service providers and emergency medical technicians, qualifications for licensure, defibrillation certification, first responder certification, qualifications or medical directors, training, license renewal.
The law further requires that all the records made by an ambulance service provider, an emergency medical technician or a first responder in administering emergency care be maintained confidentially. The law allows an ambulance service provider to provide a requester with information in the ambulance run record identifying the ambulance service provider and technicians involved, date of call, dispatch and response times, reasons for dispatch, location of emergency, destination, and name, age, gender of the patient.  However, no details about medical history, condition or emergency treatment of patient can be disclosed.

Current as of June 2015