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Name of Medicaid Program(s) and number of people participating

The Wisconsin program is known as Wisconsin Medicaid.  It is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Their website can be found here.  As of June 1, 2018, there were 1,033,955 individuals enrolled in the Wisconsin Medicaid program.1

Expanding Medicaid?


Health Insurance Marketplace (if applicable)/ State based, Partnership or Federally Facilitated Exchange? 

Federally facilitated Marketplace:

Health Information Exchange (if applicable)

Wisconsin has established the Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WHISHIN).

APCD (if applicable) 

Wisconsin has established an APCD known as WHIO DMV.  It is administered by Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO). An updated version, called WHIO 2.0, will be coming soon. 

Featured Initiatives



  • 1. Wisconsin Medicaid Enrollment totals for 2018.  Available at: