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Tenn. Code Ann. §68-11-272 - Establishment of Quality Improvement Committees and Requirements for Quality Improvement Records and Information Provided to the Quality Improvement Committee

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Quality Improvement Committees are committees formed by a health care organization to evaluate the safety, quality, costs, and processes of health care services.  Records of a quality improvement committee or statements made by a health care organization’s staff, employees, providers, or others relating to quality improvement activities are confidential and privileged and are to be protected from discovery or subpoenas in judicial proceedings.  Any person who provides information to a quality improvement committee is not required to provide that information to any other entity.  Any information or documents not used for or by a quality improvement committee is not immune from discovery or use in a judicial proceeding.  No health care organization’s employees, staff, or other members may be held liable for providing information to a quality improvement committee if the information is provided in good faith. 

Current as of June 2015