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Tenn. Code Ann. §68-1-108 - Requirements for Reports of Claims Data by Licensed Hospitals

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Each licensed hospital must report all claims data for each inpatient and outpatient discharge to the Commissioner of Health.  Such reports must be made quarterly.  After receiving the claims data, the Commissioner must make the claims data available to the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) for inspection and copying.  No information may be made public that could potentially identify the patient.  Additionally, the claims data reported to the Commissioner must remain confidential and not be made publicly available until the data is verified by the Commissioner.  The law makes clear that no person may be held civilly liable for disclosures made pursuant to the law unless the person knows the information is false. 

A licensed hospital may be required to pay the Commissioner a penalty of 5 cents for each day the claims data discharge report is delayed by (report must be received 60 days after the end of the quarter).  The maximum penalty a hospital can pay is $10 for each delinquent discharge report. 

As a condition of a hospital’s licensure, the hospital is required to complete and submit an annual report of hospital statistics as required by T.C.A. §68-11-310

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Current as of June 2015