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Tenn. Code Ann. §63-1-117 - Conditions for Making Medical Records Available for Inspection and Copying

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Health care providers are required to make medical records available to the Department of Health for inspection and copying based on the following:

  1. Upon written authorization for release of the patient or patient’s representative;
  2. Upon written request by the Department’s investigators or inspectors.

Any provider who gives the Department access to patient records based on this law cannot be held liable by a patient for damages for providing the information.  A health care provider who willfully disregards a request for medical records may be subject to discipline by the regulating licensing board. 

If disciplinary actions are filed against a provider, the following information must not be included in the public record:

  1. The allegations against the health care provider;
  2. Identifying information about the person making the complaint;
  3. Patient’s identifying information;
  4. Patient’s medical record.

Current as of June 2015