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Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-55-203 - Establishment of the Brain Trauma Registry

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Establishment of the Brain Trauma Registry

The commissioner shall establish and maintain a central registry of people who sustain a traumatic brain injury to help with injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs. The registry shall also ensure that someone with a traumatic brain injury is informed of rehabilitation agencies so that the she can obtain services to alleviate injuries and to avoid related secondary problems.

The commissioner has the power to collect injury incidence information, analyze such information and conduct special studies into the causes and consequences of traumatic brain injury. The commissioner may also create rules to administer the registry and its activities and make an annual statistical report as long as the report does not have information that identifies a patient. Lastly, the commissioner shall collect and distribute a list of public and private agencies that provide services to persons with traumatic brain injury.

Current as of June 2015