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Tenn. Comp. R. & Regs. 1200-07-02-.05 - Requirements for Cancer Case Reporting

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Requirements for Cancer Case Reporting

Any cancer that is newly diagnosed should be reported to Tennessee Department of Health. If a patient develops a new primary cancer, it shall be reported separately. The Department shall specify in the Policies and Procedures Manual the format for the reporting and the standards for determining completeness and quality.

The Tennessee Cancer Registry (TCR) will set the minimum standard of information that the cancer report should include. This standard shall be maintained in the TCR Policies and Procedures Manual. The cancer report shall include demographic, diagnostic, and treatment data as defined by the Department.

The report shall occur no later than six months after the patient is diagnosed with cancer. Submitting the report shall be in accordance with a time frame set by the Department.

If a hospital, laboratory, facility, or health care practitioner fails to provide the required data in a format specified by the Department or if the data is of unacceptable quality, the Commissioner or a representative of the Commissioner may enter the facility to abstract the information. In this situation, the facility will be responsible for reimbursing the Department for case finding, abstracting, coding, and editing. The maximum shall be set to fifty dollars per case. If the hospital is forced to reimburse the Department, they may appeal the expense under the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act. The appeal shall be submitted to the Commissioner in writing within thirty days of receipt of the assessment.

The Tennessee Cancer Registry staff shall periodically perform quality assurance studies at all reporting facilities. This includes case finding to ensure that all cancer cases have been accounted. Reporting facilities shall help the Tennessee Cancer Registry by providing the necessary medical records and the office space for conducting quality assurance activities. The Tennessee Cancer Registry shall offer staff training in order to improve the quality of the data. 

Current as of June 2015