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Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-11-263 - National nosocomial infection surveillance/national healthcare safety network (NNIS/NHSN) Utilization Requirements

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Each health facility with an annual average daily census of at least 25 inpatients, or an outpatient facility that performs an annual average of 25 procedures per day must meet data reporting timeframes as required by the national healthcare safety network (NHSN) and must utilize standard methods for data collection and reporting.  Data submitted by the reporting facility may not contain any patient identifiers.  The department of health will have access to the NHSN database and will disseminate public reports on central line associated bloodstream infections in intensive care units and aggregate statewide performance data on coronary artery bypass grafts surgical infection rates that does not disclose facility identifiers.  The department must maintain the confidentiality of all medical record information reported to the agency.  The department will biannually update its website with the information received from the NHSN database that is authorized for public review.

Current as of June 2015