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Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-1-1006 - Confidentiality of Data for Cancer Cases

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All data obtained from the required reporting of cancer cases must remain confidential and is for the use of the department and persons the commissioner permits to access the information.  Information that could identify the patient must not be made available to the public.  The data obtained from the reports may be used for valid research purposes, and the commissioner may make specific and personally identifiable portions of the data available to members of the research community if:

  1. The researcher outlines the intended uses of the data;
  2. The researcher states the reasons why confidential and personally identifiable parts of the data are needed;
  3. The researcher assures that the data will be maintained with the same level of confidentiality as maintained by the department;
  4. Once the research project has ended, all data and copies of data held by the researcher will be destroyed.

Current as of June 2015