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Tenn. Code Ann. § 63-51-105 - Information for Public Dissemination from Boards Regulating Providers

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Information for Public Dissemination from Boards Regulating Providers

In order to carry out the purpose of the Health Care Consumer Right to Know Act, each board regulating a provider must report the following information to be used to create provider profiles to be disseminated to the public:

1    A description of all criminal felony convictions and serious misdemeanors within the last 10 years;

2    A description of any final board disciplinary action take against the provider within the last 10 years;

3    A description of final disciplinary actions of licensing boards in other states within the last 10 years;

4    A description of revocation or restriction of hospital privileges based on competence or character.  The Department is only required to publicly release incidents within the last 10 years;

5    For the preceding ten-year period, a report of all medical malpractice court judgments, arbitration awards, and claim settlements where payment was made to the complaining party; no pending malpractice claim may be disclosed by a board to the public;

6    Information shall also include the names and graduation dates of medical or training schools attended, specialty board certifications, names of hospitals where licensee has privileges, appointments to medical school faculties, information regarding publications in peer-reviewed medical literature, information regarding professional or community service associations, location of licensee’s primary practice, and indication of which plans licensee participates in.

Information that is otherwise privileged and is generated by any peer review program, provider health program, or impaired professionals program operated or administered by a provider association or foundation that such association has created for peer review purposes shall not be included in any profile. 

The Department must come up with a format for disseminating the information, which must include electronic media. Each board shall give a copy of the profile to the licensee, and they must allow time for the licensee to correct any factual errors. 

Current as of June 2015