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Tenn. Code Ann. § 63-10-405 - Requirements for Disclosure of Privileged Information Provided to the Quality Improvement Committee

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All information about pharmacists or pharmacy auxiliary personnel furnished to a peer review committee or medical board and any findings resulting from proceedings of such entities are privileged, confidential and are not public records nor available for court subpoena or discovery proceedings.  The disclosure of confidential, privileged information during advocacy for pharmacists and pharmacy auxiliary personnel, as a report to the board of pharmacy, or to the individual under review is not a violation of confidentiality or privilege. 

Pharmacies may disclose information generated  by quality improvement or assurance programs from privileged and confidential documents and materials for use in conducting research, providing education, reporting to patient safety or quality improvement databases, developing best practice guidelines or for other similar purposes, if personal information is redacted prior to disclosure.

Current as of June 2015