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Tenn. Code Ann. § 33-3-106 - Requirements and Limitations for Disclosure of Protected Information for Recipients of Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services

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Protected information about recipients of mental health and intellectual and developmental disability services may be disclosed without the consent of the service recipient in the following circumstances:

  •         To the federally mandated protection and advocacy agency at the request of the head of the agency or the designated representative of the agency  head, if the request specifies the information sought and the federally mandated function for which it is required;
  •         To the organization that pays for services provided to a recipient, if the information sought is limited to what is reasonably necessary to obtain timely payment and the organization agrees not to further disclose the personally identifiable information without the service recipient’s consent;
  •         To a new service provider appointed by the department if the department determines that an emergency substantially impairs the current provider’s capacity to provide services.

Current as of June 2015