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Responsibility for reporting – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-4-02

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The Ohio cancer incidence surveillance system has been established and will be developed and administered by the department of health.  The department may use information compiled by public or private cancer registries and may contract for the collection and analysis of, and the research related to, the information recorded by the system.  Each physician, dentist, hospital, or person providing diagnostic or treatment services to patients with cancer must report each case of cancer to the department within six months of diagnosis, including the following information about the patient:

  • First and last name and middle initial;
  • Social security number, if available;
  • State, county, city of residence and street address, including zip code, of residence at diagnosis;
  • Birth date, sex, race, Hispanic origin and age in years at diagnosis;
  • Date of diagnosis;
  • Date of first contact for this cancer office (outpatient or inpatient);
  • Anatomical site of this cancer;
  • Laterality of diagnosis;
  • Sequence, histology, grade;
  • First course of treatment and date treatment began;
  • Class of case;
  • Occupation and industry;
  • Tobacco use;
  • Date of death and underlying cause of death;
  • Physician’s name;
  • Stage at diagnosis per American joint committee on cancer and per surveillance, epidemiology, and end results;
  • Text from medical reports on primary site, histology, staging and treatment.

All physicians, dentists, hospitals or persons providing diagnostic or treatment services to patients with cancer must provide the department access to all records that identify cases of cancer or establish characteristics of cancer, the treatment of cancer, or the medical status of any identified cancer patient.

Current as of June 2015