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Reports of communicable diseases – Wis. Admin. Code DHS §145-04

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Reports of Communicable Diseases

This regulation sets forth the requirements for reporting of communicable diseases in the state of Wisconsin:


Responsibility of Reporting:  – All licensed providers, including physicians, laboratories, health care facilities must report a case or suspected case of conditions outlined in the regulation to the local health officer immediately upon learning of it.  This same requirement applies to teachers or school administrators who have knowledge of a case or reported case in the school or to any person who has knowledge of another person who has or is suspected of having a communicable disease.


Content of the Report:  The report must contain the afflicted person’s name, address, date of birth, age, race/ethnicity, his/her physician, the suspected disease, date of disease onset, and name of the parent or guardian if a minor.  The report may be written, verbal or electronically transmitted.  Any information obtained must remain confidential unless it is used for the investigation, control or prevention of the disease.


Types of reportable cases and procedures for reporting may be found in the WCRS Abstract Code Manual:


Urgency of Reports:  Any person with the responsibility of reporting as listed above must report category I diseases immediately upon identification of a case or suspected case, and any category II or III diseases within 72 hours of the identification of a case or suspected case.


Handling of Reports by the Local Health Officer:  The local health officer is required to notify the state epidemiologist immediately of any cases or suspected cases, and to send a weekly written report listing all instances of communicable diseases.

Current as of June 2015