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Reportable Events – 410 Ind. Admin. Code 15-1.4-2.2

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A hospital’s quality assessment and improvement program must include monitoring for reportable events.  Reportable events include the following:

  1. Surgical events, including surgeries performed on the wrong body part or wrong patient, wrong surgical procedure performed on the patient, or retention of a foreign object inside the patient’s body;
  2. Product or device events, including death or disability associated with contaminated drugs or devices, or death or disability associated with the incorrect use of a device;
  3. Patient protection events, including infant discharged to the wrong person, death or disability due to patient elopement, or patient suicide or attempted suicide;
  4. Care management events, including medication errors, death or injury due to incompatible blood products, or maternal death or serious disability in low-risk labor and delivery;
  5. Environmental events, including patient death or disability due to electric shock, burns, falls, or use of restraints;
  6. Criminal events, including impersonation of a health care provider, abduction of a patient, sexual assault of a patient, or death or injury that occurs due to a physical assault of that person.

A report outlining any of the above events must be made to the Department of Health within 15 days of the event, and must be submitted electronically.  The report must not include identifying information about the patient, health care provider or other individual involved.  The Department may use the reports to publicly report information on the type and number of reportable events that occur within each hospital.

Related Laws:  410 Ind. Admin. Code 15-1.2-1

Current as of June 2015