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Quality Management, Occurrence Reporting, Palliative Care, Colo. Code Regs. § 6-1011-1 (Chap 02 Part 3)

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Quality Management, Occurrence Reporting, Palliative Care
Requires licensed health care entities to create a quality management program and make this program available to the Department of Public Health and Environment when applying for licensure or re-licensure. Specifies the elements that these programs must include (e.g., names of persons responsible for quality management activities, a list of incidents that necessitate quality review or reporting to the Department, methods of analyzing quality issues, and methods of taking corrective action.). Identifies occurrences that health care entities must report to the Department (e.g., suspicious or unexplained deaths, physical, sexual, or verbal abuse, missing patients, drug diversion, etc.). Classifies these reports as confidential.