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Powers and duties of the department – Wis. Stat. Ann. § 250.04

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Powers and Duties of the Department

This law sets forth the powers and duties of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  DHS is responsible for the general health of all individuals living within the state.  DHS must maintain surveillance activities to detect the occurrence of any communicable, hazardous, or chronic disease.  DHS is required to assist local health departments and community organizations with public health issues, and DHS can enforce rules to govern them.  DHS is required to establish a state branch laboratory of hygiene to conduct medical examinations to test for contagious and infectious diseases.  The law allows DHS to investigate and supervise of all hospitals, detention homes and other institutions involved in health care.  DHS also has the authority to conduct studies and research regarding health problems within the state.  DHS can use hospital records and information collected by the federal and state government to gather information regarding chronic and acute health problems.  DHS is also responsible for publishing an annual child and maternal health report.  DHS must coordinate all public health activities with the local departments of health. 

Current as of June 2015