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Power and duties - R.I. Gen. Laws Ann. § 23-64.1-5

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The “commission for health care advocacy and equity” has the authority to: (1) review proposed legislation and regulations that would affect populations that are experiencing disparities in health status; (2) provide state agencies with education on health disparities; (3) conduct a “continuous assessment process” to determine population health status, recommend health promotion and disease prevention strategies, identify barriers to delivering service to populations and recommend solutions to remove such barriers; (4) use the continuous assessment process to provide the director of the department of health with advice on health disparities; (5) provide advice to the governor and general assembly regarding population health; (6) “explore other successful programs in other sectors and states that may diminish or contribute to the elimination of health disparities in the state; and (7) recommend legislation to address health disparities.

Current as of June 2015