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Patient/Clinical Functions, Colo. Code Regs. § 6-1011-1 (Chap 15 § 6)

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Patient/Clinical Functions
Requires non end-stage renal disease patients to obtain a referral from a licensed Colorado nephrologist in order to receive outpatient hemodialysis from a dialysis treatment clinic. Requires dialysis treatment clinics to have a clinical laboratory within the facility or obtain services by contract. Establishes requirements for laboratory staffing, facilities, equipment, and records. Requires dialysis treatment clinics to maintain medical records for each patients. Specifies the information that must be documented in these records (e.g., identifying information, copies of clinical lab results, diagnosis information, etc.). Prohibits persons other than the medical/house staff or other persons authorized by law from making entries in medical records.  Requires a physician to sign orders entered into medical records. Requires clinics to maintain records regarding adult patients for ten years after the last entry or 10 years after a minor patient reaches the age of 18. Permits clinics to destroy records after such dates so long as they notify patients of the impending destruction.