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Patient rights – Wis. Admin. Code DHS §133-08

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A home health agency must provide each patient with a written notice of the patient’s rights before services are provided.  Each patient has the following rights:

  • To be fully informed of all rules relating to patient responsibilities;
  • To be fully informed of all services available from the agency and their related charges, upon admission; 
  • To be informed of changes in services;
  • To be fully informed of one’s own medical condition and participate in care planning, including the right to refuse participation in experimental research; 
  • To refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences of refusing treatment;
  • To confidentiality of personal and medical records, and the right to approve or refuse disclosure to other individuals or agencies;
  • To be treated with respect and dignity, including privacy in treatment;
  • To be taught or have the family be taught the treatment for self-care;
  • To exercise his or her rights as a patient in a home health agency;
  • To have the patient’s family or legal representative exercise the patient’s rights if the patient is deemed incompetent. 

The patient must receive information on the procedure and contact for filing a complaint against the home health agency upon admission.

Current as of June 2015