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Medical Records Department, Colo. Code Regs. § 6-1011-1 (Chap 04 Part 8)

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Medical Records Department
Requires hospitals to maintain complete and accurate medical records for admitted patients and patients receiving emergency room or outpatient services. Requires hospitals to maintain medical records for 10 years after the last use if the patient is an adult or the later date of a minor patient reaching 28 years or 10 years after the last use. Specifies the information that providers must document in the medical records (e.g., identifying information, medical history, progress notes, etc.). Requires hospitals to maintain separate records for newborn infants and specifies the information that must be included (e.g., date and time of birth, newborn screening results, parent’s names, etc.). Requires hospitals to store the records in a way that shields their confidentiality and protects them from damage, unauthorized use, or loss.