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Md. Code Regs. - Conditions for participation

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Conditions for Participation. 
A Medicaid managed care organization may not discriminate against an enrollee on any basis including age, sex, race, creed, color, marital status, national origin, physical or mental handicap, health status, or need for health care services. The managed care organization must prepare all publications in a culturally sensitive manager, at an appropriate reading comprehensive level, and in prevalent non-English languages.  
The managed care organization may not provide services that duplicate the CMS reimbursed health home services for members participating in Maryland’s Health Home Program. Maryland must inform the managed care organization of members assigned to the Health Home Program so that the managed care organization can prepare to coordinate care with the health homes. The managed care organization must make referrals to the health homes of members who meet the criteria for enrollment in the program.

Current as of June 2015