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Idaho Code Ann. § 57-2006, Confidentiality

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Classifies TSE Registry information and records as confidential and prohibits disclosure of such material unless authorized by Idaho laws or regulations. Permits the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (“Bureau”) to enter into agreements with other registries to exchange data. Requires such agreements to include provisions that require recipients of TSE Registry data to keep the data confidential. Permits the Bureau to release de-identified information to the public or researchers. Permits the Bureau to release confidential TSE information to other registries or researchers for research purposes so long as the recipients agree to maintain the confidentiality of the TSE information. Permits the Bureau to release confidential information about a particular hospital to that hospital. Prohibits use of TSE information and records in litigation unless ordered by a court. Requires court orders to contain protective measures that prevent that further release of the information and mandate destruction of the information upon conclusion of the litigation.

Current as of March 2020