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Idaho Code Ann. § 39-9504, Abortion Complication Reporting

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Requires health care facilities and medical practitioners to report symptoms or conditions that they believe arose following an abortion procedure. Specifies the information that facilities and practitioners must include in these reports (e.g., the patient’s age, date of the abortion procedure, name of the physician who performed the abortion, etc.). Requires the Department to annually compile the reported information into a statistical report, but prohibits the inclusion of identifying information in this report. Requires the Department to submit summarized aggregate data from the reports to the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Clarifies that such reports are not public records, must be held as confidential, and may only be disclosed to law enforcement pursuant to a court order. Prohibits the Department, other state agencies, employees, or contractors from comparing abortion data with other data in a way that could lead to the identification of a person who had or sought an abortion or from maintaining statistical data that could lead to such identification. Requires the State Board of Medicine to have access to reports so they may perform their official duties.

Current as of March 2020