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Idaho Code Ann. § 39-610, Disclosure of HIV and HBV Reporting Information

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Prohibits the discovery or admission of confidential public health reports in civil or administrative hearings. Permits disclosure of such information in accordance with Idaho’s Public Records Act (Idaho Code Ann. § 74-101 et seq.). Permits state and local health authorities to contact persons who they believe have been exposed to hepatitis B or HIV. Requires the Department of Health and Welfare to collect reports from health care providers regarding significant exposures to the blood or bodily fluid of a patient or deceased individual. Requires the Department to notify persons such exposed upon receiving a report that confirms the patient or deceased individual tested positive hepatitis B or HIV. Prohibits such notification from including the name of the individual to whom they were exposed. Permits public health authorities to disclose identifying information when necessary for disease control, surveillance, and investigation purposes or in accordance with other provisions of law.

Current as of March 2020