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Idaho Code Ann. § 39-604, Confined and Imprisoned Persons

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Requires persons to undergo STD testing upon their imprisonment in a state prison and to receive treatment if testing indicates a disease. Requires prisoners to receive STD testing before their release if they request such testing. Clarifies that these testing requirements do not limit the care that prisoners should receive when necessary during their imprisonment. Permits persons that are confined in a city jail to undergo STD testing if the jailor or public health officials believe such persons have been exposed to a disease. Requires persons indicted for a sex offense that likely involved transmission of bodily fluid to undergo HIV testing within 48 hours of their indictment if requested by the victim or the parent or guardian of a minor victim. Requires persons charged with sex offenses, prostitution, or other offenses identified by public health authorities to undergo testing for STDs and hepatitis C if the offense involved the transmission of bodily fluid. Requires persons charge with crimes involving injectable drugs to undergo testing for HIV, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B. Requires the test results of persons that undergo testing as the result of a criminal offense to be disclosed to the court. Requires courts to disclose test results to the victim or their parent or guardian and refer victims for counseling and health care services in the event of a positive HIV test.

Current as of March 2020