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Idaho Code Ann. § 39-4803, Immunization Registry

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Requires the Department of Health and Welfare to create a registry of childhood immunization data. Specifies the information that the registry must collect for each immunized child (e.g., child’s name, parent’s name, immunization type and date, etc.). Permits a child’s parent or guardian to submit a written statement to the registry in order to opt out of their child’s inclusion in the registry or to request that their child’s information be deleted form the registry. Grants parents and guardians access to registry information regarding their child or themselves. Classifies registry information as confidential and prohibits disclosure except to specified persons or entities (e.g.,  a child’s school, daycare, health care provider, the Idaho health data exchange, etc.). Classifies disclosures in violation of this section as a misdemeanor subject to a civil fine of $100 per violation.

Current as of March 2020