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Idaho Code Ann. § 37-3303A, Electronic Tracking System

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Requires the Board of Pharmacy to create an electronic tracking system as a means of monitoring the sale of pseudoephedrine products. Specifies the information that retailers must submit to the tracking system (e.g., name of purchaser, date and time of sale, amount of pseudoephedrine sold, etc.). Requires the system to have the capacity to alert retailers when a potential sale would violate the quantity limits established in Idaho Code Ann. § 37-3303 (3.6 g of pseudoephedrine per customer day/ 9g per customer per 30 days). Classifies records submitted to the system as confidential, but authorizes disclosure when required by a court, when the Board is conducting inspections, and to state or federal law enforcement officers. Immunizes retailers that participate in the tracking system from liability that might arise from complying with the reporting requirements unless their conduct was willful, wanton, or grossly negligent.

Current as of March 2020