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Idaho Code Ann. § 37-2730A, Prescription Tracking Program

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Requires the Board of Pharmacy (“board”) to establish a controlled substances prescription tracking program as a means of tracking inappropriate controlled substances use. Requires the board to report activity that may violate the controlled substances or medical assistance laws to the persons identified in § 37-2726(2)(e.g., law enforcement, the Department of Health and Welfare, practitioners licensed to prescribe controlled substances, etc.). Permits the board to release information to pharmacists and practitioners if such information may help prevent inappropriate controlled substance use. Permits the board to release information to law enforcement agencies, licensing boards, or agencies overseeing Medicaid or Medicare for use in investigations or enforcement actions. Permits the board to release non identifying information for research or educational purposes. Clarifies that this provision does not prevent practitioners and pharmacists from sharing information when otherwise authorized by the Chapter 27 Controlled Substances provisions. Establishes immunity for persons that share or receive information in compliance with this section unless their conduct involves malice, criminal intent, gross negligence, or was reckless, willful, and wanton.

Current as of March 2020