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HIV and related infections, including hepatitis C virus infections; services and prevention – Wis. Stat. Ann. § 252.12

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HIV and related infections, including Hepatitis C Virus Infections; Services and Prevention

This regulation sets forth the requirements for the department of health services' services and prevention efforts related to HIV and other related infections.  It sets forth how the funds must be distributed between services to infected individuals and prevention efforts. 


Specifically, the regulation requires that the department of health services conduct tests for HIV and related infections and perform behavioral surveys in populations at risk for HIV infection. The department must use this information to develop HIV prevention efforts. The department may only disclose the results of HIV tests conducted for such purposes to the test subject or a person authorized by the test subject and must otherwise keep the results confidential. However, the department may release information related to such tests so long as the information does not personally identify a test subject.

Current as of June 2015