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Drug distribution and control, N.D. Admin Code 61-07-01-07

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Drug Distribution and Control 
Requires the director of a hospital pharmacy to establish procedures for distributing and securing drugs and establishes minimum standards for these policies. Permits pharmacies to dispense drugs upon receiving a written or verbal order from a physician. Requires hospitals to maintain controlled substance records that contain specified information (e.g., dispensed drugs, name of prescribing physician, drug dose, etc.). Requires the reporting of adverse drug reactions to the pharmacy and the physician that ordered the drug and requires the documentation of the reaction in the patient’s medical record. Permits the pharmacy director to report the adverse drug reaction to the drug manufacturer, the FDA, and the United States pharmacopeia. Requires hospital pharmacies to maintain records and specifies the information that these records must, at minimum, document (e.g., physician orders, inventory, controlled drug reports, etc).