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C.R.S.A. § 25-1-801

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Patient records in custody of health care facility

All patient records held by a licensed health care facility must be made available to the patient upon a written and dated written request for inspection, at a reasonable time and with reasonable notice through the facility’s attending physician or other facility representative.  A summary of a mental health records may be made available to the patient or the patient’s representative upon written request after treatment has been terminated.  Patient records, including x-rays must be copied upon written request by the patient or the patient’s representative upon reasonable notice and payment of copying fees following treatment, procedures or other health care services.  If copies of x-rays, CT scans, mammograms, or MRIs are not sufficient for diagnostic or treatment purposes, the original film may be made available to the patient or other health care practitioner or facility as specified by the patient pursuant to written request and upon payment of reasonable fees.  If the original film is released, the health care facility may not be held liable for loss or damage of the film.  Any original film must be returned to the original facility within 30 days if the provider so requests.  These provisions must be posted in a conspicuous location and must be provided to the patient upon admission. 

This law does not require the disclosure of patient records of sexually transmitted disease patients or drug abuse minor patients to parents, guardians or other representatives. 

Patient requests for inspection of records should note the time and date of the request and the time and date of the inspection. 

These provisions do not apply to a nursing institution run by a church or religious denomination who provide care or treatment based solely on spiritual means.

All patient records are considered to be the property of and are held in the custody of the health care facility.

Related Law:  6 CCR 1011-1:II-

Current as of June 2015