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Changes in residents’ health status; incidents; infection control – Ohio Admin. Code 3701-17-62

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Residential care facilities must do the following in the event of a significant adverse change in a resident’s health status:

  • Take immediate and proper steps to see that the resident receives necessary intervention;
  • Make a notation of the change in health status and any intervention taken in the resident’s record;
  • Provide pertinent resident information to the person providing the intervention as soon as possible; and
  • Notify the sponsor unless the resident refuses or requests otherwise.

In the event of an accident or episode involving a resident, staff member, or other individual in a residential care facility which presents a risk to the health, safety, or well-being of a resident, the facility must do the following:

  • Take immediate and proper steps to see that the resident(s) involved receive necessary intervention; and
  • Investigate the incident and document the incident and the investigation. 

The facility must maintain an incident log separate from the resident record accessible to the director of health, documenting the time, place, and date of the occurrence, a general description of the incident, and the care provided or action taken. The facility must maintain a notation about the incident in the resident’s record.

Current as of June 2015